Understand Your Personal Brand

By September 28, 2014BrandJack Podcast

Steve Jobs

In this week’s BrandJack Podcast, Jack explains the importance of understanding and building your personal brand profile.

Some people get caught up in thinking that the brand that defines them and how they behave at home, is different to the performance and the brand that they deliver in their careers. But really, they are one and the same.

When you can understand and harness your true point of difference from everybody else, you can use this to succeed in your business and your personal life.

Steve Jobs is a perfect example that illustrates the importance of building and understanding your personal brand.

After reading a book on the life of Steve Jobs, Jack noticed that as an individual, Jobs was very much driven by some key personal brand foundations: simplicity, craftsmanship and world-changer.

Looking at those three statements, are they not reflections of the corporate brand of Apple?

What you do and who you are is connected to what you do everyday.

Listen to Jack explain in more depth here:


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Jack is the Director and Owner of DAIS – a dynamic business focused on ‘elevating brands’. With a career spanning over 25 years, Jack is passionate about brand and his folio of brand success stories evidences his skill as a branding entrepreneur.