This program is about inspiring your people to work their passion and think differently about ‘who’ they are and ‘what’ they do.

BrandMe® Teams is a personal and personnel development program focused on building multiple BrandMe’s within the context of your organisation.

This brand development program helps mobilise and drive innovation from within, inspiring the willingness and ideas of your people by showing them how to connect their personal passion to the strategic objectives of your organisation and the promise your brand makes. BrandMe® Teams is easily adaptable to your business needs fusing face-to-face presentations with the delivery of online modules, prompts and tools at regular intervals. Organisational KPIs are established upon commencement, and this allows the impact of initiatives to be measured and assessed at board and management levels upon program completion.

I have grown in my role and BrandMe has really assisted me with giving that empowerment and the thought process behind that. My motto is learn and live everyday, and it has given me the empowerment to learn and perform well in my role.

Shweta Sing, QLD

I would recommend the BrandMe program. It’s allowed me to reflect and realise where I can make improvements, and I think for anybody that’s a really great journey to take.

Nancy Rahman, NSW

I am a convert of the BrandMe program, I just think it’s for anybody, whether you’re using it in a professional capacity or just for self-growth. I just think it’s an awesome program.

Heath Savage, NSW

I know where I’m heading and what I want to do, and BrandMe has brought a little more of that to the forefront and helped me align it, so I’m not running in one direction, and work is running in another – I can combine the two and bring it together as one.

Leigh Beauchamp, NSW

The BrandMe program has changed the way I see myself, in that I think it’s given me some clearer goals to work towards. I already had a goal, but I think it’s helped me to break it down.

Suzanne Wright, NSW

The BrandMe program has helped me define and really set the boundaries in what I believe in, what I do, and why I do it. It’s really opened my eyes to who I really am.

Louise Kinloch, NSW

A one-to-one highly personalised personal branding program developed for Directors, CEO’s and Executives.

Designed for individuals motivated to clarify, create and manage a personal brand strategy to enhance performance.

Supercharge your CV and achieve the job or promotion you deserve with this individual, self-paced course.

Connect your passions to your role in the business, and move from simply desiring an outcome to committing to a process.