A one-to-one, extensively tailored personal branding journey developed for Directors, CEOs, Executives and those who have a passion for leadership in their markets, workplaces and communities.

BrandMe® Leader is the premium program within the BrandMe® personal development suite, and is tailored specifically to leaders of businesses, industries, communities and in career transition.

This highly personalised and exclusive branding program includes one-on-one strategy sessions and online support modules. BrandMe® Leader guides you through the development of your dual BrandMe® strategy, and this involves building your profile within your organisation and also externally. This allows you to position yourself as a pre-eminent leader in your field, inspiring your market, industry and community.

Jack’s dynamic personality coupled with his wealth of knowledge helped brand me as CEO. The BrandMe program is refreshingly different and provided me with the tools and insight to bring clarity to my role, understand my vision for the company, as well as the responses and actions I needed to take to be a strong leader. The open and honest sessions guided me to identifying both my professional and personal goals enabling me to stay focussed. I highly recommend everyone undertake the BrandMe program, as it really will provide you with the clarity, focus and direction everyone needs in order to achieve in life.

Lyn Moore, CEO, Accoras

Jack has a natural ability to motivate and inspire people to achieve beyond their perceived capability. Being a sole-business owner, Jack tailored a program to suit my busy schedule. Our catch-ups would be during an early morning walk and created a casual, relaxed environment that fostered open, transparent and raw conversations that challenged me. The BrandMe Program challenged the way I think, the language I used when speaking about my business and communicating with staff. Identifying a need for change, I have since adopted and applied new behaviours and habits that enable me to make planned and considered decisions. Jack’s mentorship provided a solid platform for me to effectively and efficiently manage my business and lead my team to greater success.

Tavis Callard, Director, Housian

This program is about inspiring your people to work their passion and think differently about ‘who’ they are and ‘what’ they do.

Designed for individuals motivated to clarify, create and manage a personal brand strategy to enhance performance.

Supercharge your CV and achieve the job or promotion you deserve with this individual, self-paced course.

Connect your passions to your role in the business, and move from simply desiring an outcome to committing to a process.