The next competitive advantage – designed for anyone who is motivated to clarify, create and manage a personal brand strategy to enhance performance.

BrandMe® Individual is an online, self-paced brand development program that guides participants through six easy to understand modules to help Develop, Evolve, Formalise, Implement, Nurture and Empower their personal BrandMe® story.

BrandMe® Individual will show you how to:
Find your BrandMe® | Shape your BrandMe® | Build your BrandMe® | Become your BrandMe®

Being able to clarify ‘who’ it is you are being drives you to live and deliver to a brand standard that positively sets you apart from others. It ignites the potential inside you, motivating and inspiring you from within before projecting your brand value externally through an engaging performance.

BrandMe® Individual is beneficial to people from all walks of life and all stages of personal growth. You might still be studying, just starting your working life, have an existing career or just looking to clarify ‘who you are’ and ‘what is next’ for you. Every individual is a walking, talking, breathing BrandMe®, but in order to benefit from your individual strengths and uniqueness you need to understand all aspects of your BrandMe®, so that you can perform to achieve the success you desire.


I am a convert of the BrandMe program, I just think it’s for anybody, whether you’re using it in a professional capacity or just for self-growth. I just think it’s an awesome program.

Heath Savage, Manager, NSW

A one-to-one highly personalised personal branding program developed for Directors, CEO’s and Executives.

This program is about inspiring your people to work their passion and think differently about ‘who’ they are and ‘what’ they do.

Supercharge your CV and achieve the job or promotion you deserve with this individual, self-paced course.

Connect your passions to your role in the business, and move from simply desiring an outcome to committing to a process.