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By December 18, 2014Brand Tips

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I discuss a great many topics around branding as part of my role as coach and presenter, and my favourite by far is the idea of loving what you do. This means taking what you do everyday – the technical things that you need to do – and finding a way to connect them to your personal passions, the things you possess a talent for, the things you are motivated to improve on and learn more about.

When you can make that connection between your “what you do” brand and your “who you are” brand, you create a very different energy in the delivery of your daily personal brand performance. On a larger scale, creating an organisational culture (a BrandWe) of people connected by their love of what they do means that together they can bring new ideas and fresh thinking into reality. If you have a work team that love what they do, they will be more willing to share and collaborate, because this allows them to express their personal passion for their craft.

Loving what you do is really the cornerstone of building a brand. When you love what you do, the people around you can sense it – it’s not something you can fake. People look in your eyes, listen to your voice, and observe your actions, and they get an energy from you that connects to your passion for what you do. Loving what you do is one of the most important ingredients involved in building a brand, because when you build a brand based on the things you love, you build it with commitment, integrity and honesty. Loving what you do gives you the passion and belief to deliver a brand performance that is distinctive, unique and incredibly magnetic to others.

How do you express your passion, belief in and love for what you do?

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