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In this week’s BrandJack Podcast, Jack explains the importance of tapping into the authentic story of your brand, and why it plays a pivotal role in elevating the value of your brand.

Using DAIS client GingerCloud as an example of this creative journey, Jack demonstrates the importance of first listening to the stories of those within an organisation. This process led to the creation of a successful and authentic brand that has caused an incredible positive disruption in the market, and continues to grow today because they have a story to tell.

By having a greater understanding of your journey, the values, and the motions that drive where your initiative has come from, you can build a brand with a story that becomes engrained into the fabric of everything that defines your difference.

Not only will this generate a corporate brand identity and vehicle to take your brand to the market, but it becomes a gateway through which you can connect people to the emotion, the integrity and the truth that drives why you do what you do everyday.

You can listen to Jack explain in more depth here:


About Jack Perlinski

Jack is the Director and Owner of DAIS – a dynamic business focused on ‘elevating brands’. With a career spanning over 25 years, Jack is passionate about brand and his folio of brand success stories evidences his skill as a branding entrepreneur.