BrandMe Personal Reputation Management 101

By March 2, 2017BrandMe™


The saying “walk the talk” is a personal mantra for many people who pride themselves on following through on their personal performance promises. It is also a reflection of living each day as the person you’d like to be by upholding the values of your own personal brand, your BrandMe.

The philosophy of BrandMe is the brainchild of DAIS Creative Director and strategic personal branding specialist, Jack Perlinski.

Brands and people are connected in many ways, ever person, whether they are conscious of it or not, is a brand in the own right.

Developing or creating a BrandMe is about making a conscious effort to formally identify and commit to who you want to be through your personal brand promise and how you will communicate this to those around you. It’s not merely describing what you do and what your interests and passions are, it about distinguishing who you are, connecting your passions to your motivations and being conscious that your daily actions communicate the person you are to the world every day.

Most people can rattle off car and electronic brands and in doing so can pinpoint their values, targeted clientele and what drives their performance but the same can’t be said for individuals.

That’s mainly because it’s not an easy thing to do. For many it’s easier to be invisible and not stand up and say this is who I am and what I stand for. Having a clear and defined idea of your personal brand will help carve a clear behavioural path for your professional and personal goals. It’s important to intimately know your personal brand strategy on many levels, so knowing what you want to achieve and having clarity of purpose, but it’s most warranted in a professional setting.

The best way to market yourself and your skills within the workplace is to build and nurture your personal brand. If individuals are in tune and ware of their personal branding profile they can consciously carve a clear path to achieve the professional goals.

Creating a personal brand profile in a professional setting begins with a three step process:

  1. Knowing and creating your corporate identity
  2. Building and delivering your brand style through a visual identity
  3. Developing a communication strategy for your personal brand

Having a clear outline of these three elements will help define and communicate a personal brand and ultimately your reputation within the workplace.

As a manager it is important to not only know the philosophy of your company brand but to also understand the individual brands within your team, what drives your staff, who they are and what career aspirations they have. The same can be said for business teams at a collective level. From an organisation perspective BrandMe is a powerful tool as on top of the individual philosophy is the BrandWe focus of a team, knowing the strengths and passions of individual team members will ensure tasks are delegated appropriately for optimum success.

At the end of the day, the benefits you reap by achieving the goals you’ve set as part of mapping out your personal brand will make it one of the most worthwhile personal development activities to do.

Here’s a personal brand challenge for you to try if you’re serious about your personal brand. Step 1: Develop an idea of what you feel your personal brand promise is all about. Step 2: Use this Free App to rate & track your personal brand performance.

Try it for one week and see how true you actually are to your own brand. Download now on either Apple or Android

About Jack Perlinski

Jack is the Director and Owner of DAIS – a dynamic business focused on ‘elevating brands’. With a career spanning over 35 years, Jack is passionate about brand and his folio of brand success stories evidences his skill as a branding entrepreneur.